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Naartjie Kids Coupons
Naartjie Kids has a flavor and style all its own. From its very conception Naartjie was about KIDS...playful, vibrant, active, colorful, natural, and always changing. The Naartjie brand can be described as a synthesis of bright, colorful, and fashion forward elements. It exudes a fun, natural, active, fresh, playful and wholesome perspective of the world. We interpret worldwide trends in our own unique way that results in trend right kids fashions that appeal to kids of all ages.

The vision for the Naartjie brand pervades every aspect of the creation of its clothing from design to choice of materials and garment construction, through the manufacturing process and quality control. The design of Naartjie branded clothing embraces comfortable, wholesome, whimsical, and practical as key attributes. The manufacturing process that creates Naartjie branded clothing ensures that the resulting clothes are not overbuilt...always kid-friendly. The clothes are rugged enough to endure long days of play, yet bright and colorful enough to reflect the playful, imaginative spirit of childhood.

Always Fresh, Naartjie designs and introduces 11 new Collections each year. Naartjie Kids stores were designed to reflect and compliment our Brand: colorful, inviting, comfortable, bright, and fun places for mothers and grand mums to shop. Every item we sell in our retail stores and on our web site is uniquely Naartjie.

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